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The Driving Tour Pros

Classic Driving Tours offers adventurous car tours in some of the world’s most fascinating regions. These are not speed events but offer the opportunity to enjoy driving on the lesser travelled by-ways.

We have considerable experience of organising motoring events including classic car tours in SE Asia, India, South America, Central America and Europe.We are here to organise your events as well as put on our own.

We provide a full service from concept to completion including providing the staff to man the event, competition if desired, all travel arrangements, road books, GPS, Sat Nav, back up, doctors and shipping.


Tours are all fully escorted self drive in luxury cars and carefully planned with itineraries designed to offer you an insight into the local culture, always staying in the best hotels available and attending world class events.     


We understand that holiday time is precious, so you want to know that you will be driving the best roads in the area, staying at charming hotels, what there is to do, see and visit on each day of your trip, without having to do hours of research, or missing anything of interest. 


There are no navigation requirements as we provide you with a GPS fully programmed with each day’s itinerary, points of interest, hotels and restaurants.  We also provide a detailed Road Book that provides you a little history of the area, and may include some anecdotes or stories about the places you are passing through.


The tours are organised, but you aren‘t.   Most guests choose to stay with the group at least for the first few days until becoming accustomed to the local conditions.  This is no regimental exercise and you are free to spend your days as you wish, at your own pace. 







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